Bow Hunting

A bow lacks the accuracy and range of the modern firearm, so you must fine-tune your skills to get close enough for an effective shot. Our professional hunters, who are also very experienced bow hunters, are there to provide you with the knowledge, skill and know-how, enabling you to get outstanding trophies. Bow hunting is conducted all over the farm at strategic places from pit blinds.

The blinds are spacious and dark on the inside and are situated within 15-20 yards from ponds, salt or mineral licks and game trails which provides you with an average shot of 16 yards. This enables the avid bow hunter to make effective shots to harvest his African species with a single arrow each.

What to bring:

* Camo shirts, long and short sleeves
* Camo pants, long and short
* Warm windproof jacket and sweater
* Clothes need to be soft and quiet to avoid any noise
* Woolen socks, well-worn boots or suitable walking shoes
* Rain jacket (April – June)
* Sun hat or cap, scent eliminator spray, face camo paint or .. face mask
* Range finder
* Sunscreen lotion, chap stick, sunglasses and bug spray
* Camera, binoculars, video camera with tripod, flash
* Electrical adapter 220-110 volts – appliances, in South Africa we use 220 volts

Gear and Recommendations:

Most hunters always ask: “What poundage or set-up do I need for hunting in Africa”

Well, below is column for the minimum recommendation for hunting game in Africa. Your average bowhunter will use a bow between 60 – 70 pounds of draw weight for hunting plains game, but you get the guys or maybe women who can not draw this weight. Whatever set-up you use back home to hunt whitetail or elk should work just fine for your safari in Africa. For people who can not draw 60 pounds or more, we recommend that you use a fast bow with a total arrow weight of 350 or more, including a fix 2 bladed broadhead that cut on impact or a small cutting diameter 3 bladed head that preferably cut on impact. This will improve your penetration and make your hunt successful! Remember, 2 bladed broadheads might not be as good for blood trails as 3 or 4 bladed heads but it definitely improves penetration!!

Today there is so many different broadheads on the market and everybody always asks: “which broadhead is best?” Well, whatever you use on whitetail and elk with good success should work just fine in Africa. For good blood trails you need the 3 or 4 bladed heads and for good penetration (low poundage shooters) the cut on impact, 2 bladed heads will be just fine! Make sure the broadhead you choose is sharp and that the blades are strong! The less cutting diameter you have, the better penetration you will get!

Make sure your rest is quiet! When hunting game at close range you can easily be busted with a noisy arrow rest!

Note that most hunting should be done from ground blinds. Our blinds are dark on the inside to ensure success and therefore you might want to add lighted pins to your sight.

Any dark colored clothing will be good for hunting from blinds. Scent is a factor when hunting in Africa, so scentlock clothing might be a good option to increase your success!

Don’t forget your rangefinder and sent spray!

Type of Specie
Recommended Kinetic energy
Recommended Arrow weight
Small to Medium Size Game: duiker, klipspringer, springbuck, impala, blesbuck, bushbuck etc.
45+ KE
350+ grain
Large Size Game: kudu, wildebeest, zebra, gemsbuck, waterbuck, eland, leopard, lion etc.
65+ KE
450+ grain
Thick Skin Game: buffalo and giraffe
85+ KE
650+ grain

While exercising the utmost care to ensure the safety of you, our client, and your belongings, we cannot beheld responsible for any illness, accidents, acts of God or loss whatsoever, nor any expenses arising thereof. Each hunter and observer will be required to sign an indemnity form at arrival – prior to the hunt – should a sign copy of the “booking form” not been received before arrival.