Hunting Rules


Description of Hunting Guidelines


You will be transported to your hunting area on the farm by the professional hunter.
No private vehicles will be allowed on the farm during hunting periods.


Miss shots taken on Eland, Giraffe and all trophy animals will be charged at 50%
of price list price. Head shots taken on any animal resulting in not finding any blood
(in case of wounded animals) will be charged at full price.


No alcohol will be allowed during any hunting session and please don’t litter in the


You must always be accompanied by a guide during hunting sessions.


No hunting will be allowed after sunset, only from daybreak to sunset.


No hunting must be done close to fencing and border roads. Hunters will be
responsible for game that breaks through fencing to adjacent farms.


Please do not give alcohol to the guides, only cold drinks are allowed.


Each hunter much ensures that he is absolutely clear on the specie, sex and size of
the trophy of the animals. The guides can not be held responsible for any mistakes
made in judgement by the hunter.


No discount for under size animals will be given. The hunter pulls the trigger and is
therefore responsible and not the guide. All wounded male animals will be charged
at Trophy prices.


The areas around the camps, stores, houses and game breeding camps are
declared NO HUNTING ZONES. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will hunting be
allowed in these areas.


The farm management has an arrangement with the guides to double any bribery
money offered to them. It has achieved very good results in the past!


Deposit is payable on making the reservation. If we do not receive a deposit the
booking will be cancelled automatically. NO DEPOSIT is repayable for cancellations.
You may send someone else to use your funds.


Full account MUST be settled on the day of departure. No departure will be allowed
without settlement of the outstanding account in full.


All rifles MUST be made safe and magazines emptied before getting onto the
hunting and game viewing vehicles and in an around the camp at all times.


Firearms are only allowed on the shooting range around the camping area.


Calibre smaller than .270 or 6mm is not permitted. Only 375 Calibre allowed for
Eland Bulls.


Mount Hope Private Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd will not accept any responsibility for
theft, accidents, injuries or any costs arising from such events.


It is standard procedure on the farm to wait for 5 minutes after a shot has been fired.
Please do not give chase after a shot has been fired but take your time moving


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